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With products for the personal hygiene and health, ranging from bathroom tissues, paper towels and napkins, Selpak combines a quality-oriented and innovative approach with the latest technologies. The brand's micro-encapsulated and antibacterial tissues and award-winning triangle-shaped facial tissue boxes, along with its bio-degradable packaging and 100% recycled cores are just a few examples of Selpak's pioneering products in its efforts to carry the tissue paper industry to higher levels.
FLUFSAN is a series of protective slips and pads for moderating light and heavy incontinence. They act as a disposable absorbent device like normal under-wear DESIGNED with soft elastic sides allowing easy fitting and total comfort. Thes smaller shaped pads are perfectly fitting, specifically created for women with light incontinence problems. They are discreet and very effective since it perfectly adheres to the underwear. Its internal padding is enhanced with superabsorbent polymers which block any fluid, thus increasing its absorbing qualities and reducing odours diffusion.
The products of simply therapy are high quality air fresheners for high standards.

Simply therapy products fit with the most types of automatic spraying devices so you can use them almost with any device.You can choose between a wide range of perfumes, either for personal or professional use,to refresh your room and your mood also.
FLAMAX produces barbecue and fire starters since 1951. The products are odorless, made from natural material and burn almost free of soot. These ecological grill and fire starters based on wood and are impregnated with wax or oil from renewable resources. This composition guarantees carefree barbecue pleasure without harming the taste of your foods. The lighters are FSC® certified and are available in logs, single cubes and lighter strips.
The Ramirez Sardines is a traditional product in the Portuguese diet, a tradition that proudly continues to produce high quality sardines from the mid-19th century.Sardines Ramirez feature a great taste and you can find them either into classical or a spicy recipe.The sardine is a fish of high diet value, which is recommended by nutritionists from all over the world it also contains omega-3, a polyunsaturated fatty acid, which protects the heart and helps to reduce the risk of heart attack and controls the cholesterol levels in the blood.
Tuna is a favorite food for many generations since is used to create delicious meals and nutritious snacks by millions of people every day, who prefer the princes tuna because of the fresh and rich taste Tuna is undoubtedly one of the most nutritious fish, but also a light and a healthy food, as it improves cholesterol levels.
Limburg Mushrooms are a high quality product with a great flavor and nutritional value . The quality and the taste of mushrooms is as fresh as possible for as long as possible .Mushroom is the most versatile vegetable in the kitchen and can e used as an ingredient in many tastefull recipes.Mushrooms are also full of good nutrients like fiber and plant proteins necessary for the body.Available in cans that contains full or sliced mushrooms.

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