We offer a group of product families that combine the best quality combined with the most affordable prices.
We take extra care that our products are up to yours and your clients’ standards.
softline oskar goldfire goldglove zerotime frescon

The Softline product family was created with the essential, everyday household needs in mind. The product range covers a wide category from washing powders and laundry detergents to a large collection of cleaning cloths and sanitary wipes, as well as food packaging solutions, both for home and professional use. By anticipating the consumer’s needs the Softline family evolves continuously, offering quality products for your home.
Oskar is a line of insecticide and insect repellent products. It provides the most effective and safe protection against flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes and gnats, as well as crawling insects.It comes in a wide range of solutions from spraying agents to liquid and tablet repellents, accompanied by electric heating devices for easy use. Acting agents include, among others, tetramethrin, cyphenothrin and d-allethrin which ensure a successful application against insects but are also safe for the environment.
Τhe goldfire family is a leading brand in firestarters and candle products for household and professional use, and extends to a complete list of related products. The use of our products is the easiest and safest way to light the fireplace, the grill and everywhere else you need fire.The classic candle of goldfire stands out for the economic value and the long hours burning duration.Goldfire products will help you to enjoy the outdoors, whether it's your balcony, camping or your garden.
GoldGlove is a series of disposable sanitary gloves for home or professional use. The gloves come in different materials (vinyl, nitrile & latex), powedered or powder free. They are available in various sizes and can be used in a variety of environments and applications, from simple sanitary examinations, to a delicate hand protection for professions that require contact with soft chemicals or dyes, such as cosmetics and beauty professionals. They are available in packs of 100pcs. and in sizes from Small to Extra Large.
Zero time polish dries quickly and provides long lasting results.

In less than 60 seconds , you nails are done as you desire. Choose from 48 funky colors with improved composition and uplift your nails and your mood also!

The new brush technology makes easier the apply of the nail polish and provides professional results!
Frescon is a new family of canned products, which is focused on bringing the freshest available foods to your kitchen counter, whenever you need them. The range offers canned white mushrooms (whole and in pieces) and sweet corn kernels, conserved with the most advanced canning methods available in order to preserve the quality and taste of the foods as fresh as possible, for as long as possible. The products come in a variety of sizes, so as to respond to every need, from the single portion small cans to the professional kitchen size ones.

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